Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open Source House Blog

Anna Chichinadze

Dear blog followers, readers and friends!

As we are moving forward to fulfill our goals and dreams, Open Source House came to an important decision concerning the blog.

We have started this blog at the very beginning of our project. It was a basis for our project and empowered our idea of sustainable building. Since the beginning it informed, inspired and motivated people, who then have become our subscribers, friends, participants, winners and supporters. We are grateful to our bloggers and all of our followers.

However, as we have already mentioned, Open Source House is moving forward and we are excited of the things accomplished so far. We have organized a design competition and motivated more than 3000 architects and designers to create not only a beautiful house, but also a sustainable, affordable and efficient design. Apart from announcing winners, we have published all competition entries on our temporary platform for everyone to see, use, adapt and built. Next to this (temporary) platform which now has turned into a meeting and discussion point for more than 3600 architects and designers, you can visit our website – loaded with all the news, videos, house models, new vacancies and opportunities and all the activities already done and still to be done.

Considering this, we want to provide all information more centralized through our website/platform, and yes, to say good bye to this blog. Open Source House Blog will stay online as an independent page, but as a part of our history.

We call for everyone, all our subscribers and followers to move to our website www.os-house.org and continue to build and develop sustainable housing together all around the world.